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“Ne partez pas sans la connaître : la STATION aux portes des "Écrins". YVELINE, elle, vous y transportera dans cet "Écrin" de velours blanc”. 


Yveline’s parents were both mountain-lovers and transmitted this passion from her earliest childhood. All year long, she devotes herself to snow sliding sports with generosity and happiness.

Yveline started skiing when she was five. From her very first slides, snow appeared to her as a magical environment: ‘the largest playground for adults and children alike’!

Now, she has been transmitting her passion for snow sliding sports for 25 years. She even had the opportunity to instruct in other resorts, such as Chamonix, la Plagne, or Serre Chevalier, which were good professional experiences for her.

Her will to transmit her passion and to lead customers in the world which gives her a sense of fulfilment are the reasons that led her to become a ski instructor. Specialised in cross-country skiing, Yveline passes on her love for skiing to every level of skier, adults and children alike. Nevertheless, she has a preference for teaching children.

Proud to wear the famous red suit, she works for the Ecole du Ski Français, which offers instructors who are attentive to their customers, an expertise and a quality teaching within a safety environment. Trilingual, Yveline can communicate her passion and her good mood in English as well as in Italian.

Depending on her learners’ abilities and motivations, Yveline adapts her lessons so that they can improve quickly. And of course, everything is done in a friendly atmosphere. For Yveline, being a ski instructor is a wonderful occupation, where everyday she can gladly notice that her learners are happy to progress.

For Yveline, it is impossible to decide on her favourite slope; each of them has charming areas and anyone in the Deux Alpes can find a ski run that suits him! Even so, she is particularly fond of La Fée for its wild side, La Vallée Blanche for its off-piste tracks which separates from the main trails of the resorts, but also the Glacier for its breathtaking panorama.

For Yveline, the most beautiful slopes in the world are the Grave area, Meije, the Grands Montets in Argentière, the Vallée Blanche in Chamonix and Verte des Houches (a downhill ski run in Kandahar).

Once the skiing season is over, Yveline stays close to the resort, since she runs two gites in Singuigneret, only 14km from the Deux Alpes. They open all year round and Yveline welcomes anyone, especially her learners.

Travel-lover and keen on sports, she dedicates her free time to climbing, hiking, cycling, windsurfing and kitesurfing. 

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