‘Nice weather, nice snow… (One of our mottos which means that it’s going to be a good day!)


From his earliest childhood, Thibault practiced high level skiing until he was 18. His years of experience and competition encouraged him to earn a living from it.

Specialised in competitive skiing, Thibault has been teaching for eight years in his favourite resort. He has come to the Deux Alpes ski resort when he was barely two year old. He was part of the ESF nursery school before joining the Deux Alpes Sports Club, which enabled him to take part in international competitions.

Thibault has never wished to leave his mountains; from the day he put on his first pair of skis, this sport immediately became one of his greatest passions. For him, it has the advantage of being accessible to all, novices as well experienced skiers, young persons as older ones.

Passionate about skiing, Thibault likes the sensations this sport conveys, which he finds unique. He doesn’t get tired of the feeling of freedom, as well as the beauty of the landscape and the customers with who he has the opportunity to share all these feelings.

Thibault has long been part of the Dauphiné Committee and took part in international courses. He was twice awarded France UNSS Champion (French Academic Championship of his secondary school) and stepped several times on the podium of regional competitions. He was selected four times for French Championships (Ecureil d’Or). He also stepped on podiums on the occasion of International Ski Federation courses and he even reached the quarter-finals during the French Instructors Championships.

Apart from his instructorship, Thibault is a trainer in the Deux Alpes Ski Club, where he instructs the U14 (12-13 year old). When not on skis, he likes doing manual works, whether in woodworking, masonry, renovation and so on. To him, these activities complement one another.

The Ecole du Ski Français conveys values of sharing and a quality teaching in a friendly atmosphere. Mutual assistance, manners and group life are at the heart of this institution.

Observant and patient, Thibault’s teaching method focuses on adapting his exercises and his vocabulary to his target audience.

In addition to his practice of skiing, he also loves motorbiking, cycling, bodybuilding, hiking, tennis, boules, golfing, climbing and travelling. By a matter of fact, he already had the opportunity to hit Italian and Swiss slopes.

The most beautiful slopes in the world are for him World Cup ski runs, such as Streif, Bellevarde, Adelboden, Schladming, Partenkirchen, Sölden, and those of Garmisch ski resorts.

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