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Philippe has been working as a seasonal worker for 16 years now. He discovered Les Deux Alpes ski resort through a partnership between his university (STAPS department, Lyon) and the ESF. Since that unforgettable experience, his passion for mountains, for sliding and especially for teaching gradually overwhelmed Philippe, encouraging him to become a ski instructor a few years later in this renowned resort.

Philippe’s parents introduced him to the basics of skiing when he was barely four. It is during his adolescence that he started snowboarding. For him, these two sliding sports provide a true life philosophy. The impression of freedom conveyed amidst astounding landscapes immediately seduced him. As soon as he hits his favourite slopes- among which Valentin, Déversoir, Rachat and Chalance- he rediscovers this unique feeling.

This seasoned instructor shares the beauty of the area and the adrenaline conveyed by this sport since 2004. His secret? He diversifies his pedagogical content and adopts a teaching method which promotes fun and useful activities.

Philippe is satisfied with his learners’ happiness. It is fairly simple: whenever his customers are happy, he himself is. Their smile and kindness satisfy this ski-fan. Polyglott, he is as fluent in French as he is in English and in Dutch. He also has the basics of Russian and Ukrainian.

Philippe speaks highly of Les Deux Alpes, for which he has been working for several years now. Pleasure, friendliness, trust and benevolence are the keywords he would use to describe it. All of that in the tradition of its teaching, which allows every customer to safely have fun on the slopes.

Philippe had the opportunity to ski across the Alpine Arc, which remains for him a great experience. Valentin, Signal, Coolridge Nord, Coolridge Sud and Le Grand Bosquet are for him the most beautiful ski runs in the world.

Once the skiing season is over, he is a professor in the sports university department in Lyon 1. Fulfilling his passion in winter while spending time with his family: here are Philippe’s main motivations. There is no monotony in his life, in which he alternates two passions linked to the world of teaching all year round.

Outside the pistes, Philippe likes collecting old cars, restoring motorbikes of the 1950s-1980s and climbing. 

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