My specialities are : Handiski, Skiing et Snowboard


It is during his first ski outings supervised by the ESF that Nicolas caught the “ski bug”! At that time, he was only five.

In 1991, Nicolas’ dream came true when he finally passed the degree which allowed him to transmit his love for wide open spaces and for snow sliding sports.

Nicolas is specialised in the teaching of snowboarding and off-piste skiing. He especially appreciates communicating this passion to young beginners. Considerate, he also helps disabled persons discovering the slopes in safety conditions.

What he especially likes in the practice of skiing are speed, the breathtaking setting and the technical skills required for this sport. Every year, he takes pleasure in rediscovering these feelings on the ski runs. Calm and patient, his teaching relies on a smooth and progressive method, so that his learners can progress gently. Their positive feedbacks are Nicolas’ best memories. Trilingual, this instructor is able to share his best skiing techniques in French, in English and in German.

The notion of security particularly characterises Les Deux Alpes’ teaching, a resort which he holds in great esteem. La Fée skiing area and Les Vallons du Diable offer an unequal pleasure for him. The adjectives that would best qualify ESF’s teaching would therefore be safety, pleasure and progress.

Nicolas skied on the massif of Dachstein in Austria (in Ramsau), a lovely resort located in the middle of pines. He discovered a very different atmosphere on Austrian slopes, way different from the French ones. In spite of this, his favourite slopes are Sarenne in L’Alpe d’Huez and Bellevarde in Val d’Isère.

Rope access technician during the rest of the year, Nicolas also teaches sailing (windsurfing and the practice of catamaran). Music, swimming and trailing are also passions that fulfil Nicolas’ life.  

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