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“Une citation d'Héraclite que l'on peut parfaitement adapter au ski : "Un homme ne se baigne jamais deux fois dans le même fleuve... Car la seconde fois ce n'est plus le même fleuve... Et ce n'est plus le même homme". Un homme ne skie jamais deux fois sur la même piste…”


Originally from Paris, James discovered skiing at the age of five, thanks to his father. Every year since he is eight, he has been waiting impatiently the return of winter to hit his favourite slopes.

For him, becoming a ski instructor was just a childhood dream, since he has always loved the practice of skiing and mountainous landscapes. For 25 years now, he has been teaching snow sliding sports (and especially downhill skiing) for all levels, adults and children alike.

Longevity, expertise, knowledge... For him, the Ecole de du Ski Français remains THE reference for ski. Since always, James is loyal to the ESF of the Deux Alpes. Every year, rediscovering the mountains and the outdoors is for this Parisian a remarkable opportunity. For him, a ski instructor has a special occupation; it offers a staggering scenery, different from the majority of “the average person”, as he says.

His teaching method is accurate and “classical”, and depends on every learner’s expectation. He tries to keep it as detailed and clear as possible regarding his demonstrations and his explanations. The most important thing for James is to provide his learners what they wish and what they desire. And, of course, pleasure has to remain the driving force of every learner. Thus, it is worth a clear explanation (but not too long) punctuated by an immediate role-playing. Finally, as he himself says, ‘skiing makes skiers’.

In matters of ski runs, James’ favourite ones are Super Diable followed by Diable on the Deux Alpes skiing area. It is for him a wonderful slope with a black piste which combines cants and ruptures. He also recommends Bellecombe, for it is very pleasant for beginners, and consists of ruptures where its snow is always good thanks to the northerly exposure of the slope. Finally, from a professional point of view, he would advise the long glacier ski run until Toura, which is convenient for teaching.

Far from the snowy mountains, James gets back to his Parisian’s life and to the office of the company he has been working for for ten years. Thus, for several months, he gets back to ‘normal’ life, and practices a very ‘normal’ work. Even though this activity does not conveys the same pleasure, he admits that it is therefore good to see ‘something else’.

James has several other passions, and it would be difficult to mention them all here. First of all, cycling is his first passion. He practices high level competition, and even won the French National Team’s jersey. As soon as winter is over, he still takes part in few competitions.

Words-lover, his second passion is writing. Apart from the few articles he wrote for cycling magazines, James published a first novel, and is writing the second one. James is also fascinated about heraldry and vexillology- two barbaric names which simply refer to the study and drawings of coat of arms and flags. It is indeed very interesting from a historical point of view.

In a more general way, James likes travelling, cinema, and reading. He already had the opportunity to ski in Italy and in Switzerland, even though he wished he had travelled to Austria.  

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