My specialities are : Skiing et Snowboard

“Peu importe les conditions, il y a toujours moyen de se faire plaisir”


Although David does not come from a mountain environment, he knew he would become a ski instructor from the day he put on his first pair of skis. Every time he put them on again, he feels happy; happy to practice this sport, and happy to transmit this passion he has been practicing since he is three.

David has settled near the Deux Alpes 20 years ago, but has been hurtling down its slopes for more than 35 years.

Wide open-spaces, freedom and adrenaline are the elements that appeal this ski instructor and which give him pleasure every ski season. David already had the opportunity to experience these sensations in Alpe d’Huez ski resort.

Freeride (whether on skis or on a snowboard), is the discipline he has always loved teaching for 19 years. Also specialised in mogul skiing, he was several times rewarded in this discipline during competitions.

In order to better help his learners progressing, David makes the most of their potential. Whether after a first successful bend or on virgin itineraries, his learners’ smiles and happiness on their faces at the end of each lesson are for him the greatest rewards. Fond of the disciplines ski offers, he can help you discovering the various aspects of snow sliding sports either in English, Spanish or Italian.

Even though he finds that he has not travelled enough, Davis has made a few trips to Italy. But for him, there is not doubt about one thing: ‘our mountains are the most beautiful in the world’! Of course, when asked over the most beautiful slopes, he immediately answers that the Deux Alpes have the best in the world!

During the rest of the year, David works as a carpenter and practices other outdoor activities, such as sailing, mountain biking, kitesurfing and diving. 

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